Even In Our Showers?

The frequent question we have from our customers is – can we install your products in our showers?

Yes Of Course!

 All Topcret products are waterproof, which makes them suitable for wet areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers or bathtubs. However, the base where the coating is applied to must be completely dry and free of moisture at the time of application.

But What About Our Walls? Fret not, we have just the solution for you!


Dreaming of extending a beautiful vinyl on to the walls of your shower interior?  LURF®, with the help of our AQU series, transforms this fantasy into reality with vinyl flooring that can be applied to wall surfaces – even in the showers.


 How Are We Able to Achieve This?
With the help our AQU series adhesives!


AquBond is a solvent free, one-component, silylated polymer-based adhesive, formulated in a ready to use beige paste.

Suitable as a universal adhesive for LURF®, for use on walls and floors in interior applications.


AquCoat is a two-component, water-based, 100% polyurethane, aliphatic (non-yellowing) finish. It forms a complete, safe system for installing LURF® in damp environments like in shower areas.

Did we spark your interest? Visit us or contact our flooring consultant to find out more!

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