With us entering into the month of March, there is much to look forward to. As the year is starting again after CNY hype and celebrations, let’s look back to what is still trending in interior style and what is upcoming to look forward to.


  1. Metallic Accents

Flooring Colour: BACL 40128 Canyon Oak Light With Saw Cuts
Interior Design: Free Space Intent

The metallic accent may be just the IT factor that many homeowners will want to adopt in their home interior. Brass, copper or gold used to be regarded as tacky and old style flashy. However when you apply it sparingly, the effect is different. Place metallic accents in dull areas of you home to give it an instant shine. Try it with a metallic lamp, furniture setting or even just metallic knobs for your chest drawers.  Look out for the metallic accents in the Pantone of 2018!

  1. Wabi Sabi

Image credits: Pinterest

Wabi-Sabi is described as the aesthetic that is sometimes known as one of the beauty that “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. “If you are a fan of anything organic and not the norm, you can consider following Wabi- Sabi. For one to embrace Wabi-Sabi, you have to be nonchalant to symmetry and bearing tolerance for cracks that are not dangerous but just around. This is keeping rustic interior authentic. Psst, stand tune for our upcoming new product that will give you your Wabi-Sabi dream home!

  1. Geometric Shapes

Flooring Colour: BACL 40030 Canyon Oak Grey With Saw Cuts
Interior Design: KURO +

If you prefer something less complex, shapes can be used to stand out and look professional. As they might appear simple and dull, geometric patterns may be at a losing edge compared to intricate motifs. However combining shapes in different ways can create an entire new meaning. As simple as it is, it has proved that it’s a trend that is effective yet versatile. Conversely, big, vibrant patterns is a great choice if you decide to go bold.


So What Is Staying?

White and Wood

Flooring Colour: BACL 40128 Canyon Oak Light With Saw Cuts
Interior Design: Free Space Intent

Although white wash spaces with wood textures are said to be moving out of favour but we beg to differ. In fact it’s growing on our shores for a good reason – many homeowners are opting for minimalism. Minimalist interiors are simple and practical. Nothing fits the bill for white and wood other than white walls mixed with wood like floors. These days, you don’t even need to get real wood to obtain the wood feel. LURF floors does the trick so well your guests won’t even know it’s not real wood.

Flooring Colour: BACL 40032 Select Oak Light
Interior Design: Mr Shopper Studio

Trends can vary year to year, with a new trend overwriting the ones from the previous. Regardless which look you decide to go with, play around with it to obtain the end result that gives you the chic home that is aesthetically beautiful and yet cosy.

All flooring in this article (excluding Wabi-Sabi) is by Floor Xpert. Come speak to our consultant if you will like to know you can match our flooring with the latest home trend.


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