3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing your paint colours for your home

There you are, staring at all the swatches of paint color samples in every shade imaginable and simply overwhelmed by the choice. while Finding your perfect colour palette might seem intimidating, It can be easier than you think!



We all want to get the biggest thing done first. However, it is much easier to choose a paint color that goes with your furniture and decor than it is to choose decor to go with a paint color.

If you pick the paint color first, you can really paint yourself into a corner as far as finding the right things to match.



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Another mistake is not testing out your color samples in all lighting situations before going all in. This step is often easily overlooked, but it can change the look and feel of our home. A specific colour or hue may not look the same in the morning as it does in the evening, or it may look different under natural light than it does under artificial light. Depending on the amount of natural light your room gets, your paint choice can either make the room feel brighter or closed in.

When selecting paint samples, don’t forget to test them out in all lighting conditions. If your room lack natural sunlight coming in, you may need to opt for a lighter paint colour to avoid a dark living area. If you have a lot of natural sunlight flowing through, go ahead and experiment with bold, darker colors to add a statement wall without worrying about a closed-in feel.


Mistake #3: Not Considering The Home As A Whole

Even if it’s a small apartment, transitioning color from one room to the next can be tricky you don’t want to make your house look awkward with every mismatched shade in the house. Pinterest is a very good place for inspiration. Save down a few pictures you like and go get creative! (:

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