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4 Practical Tips To Clean Your Vinyl Tile Flooring

4 Practical Tips To Clean Your Vinyl Tile Flooring

Oct 26, 2023

By: admin_cleverly

What’s not to love about vinyl flooring? Besides being aesthetically pleasing, durable, and waterproof, they are also a breeze to maintain. As a result, it is unsurprising that vinyl tiles are among the most popular flooring choices for homeowners in Singapore. 

With that said, vinyl tiles must still be treated with proper care to retain their stunning appearance. So, to ensure that your flooring lasts a long time, you must utilise the correct tools and techniques. Let us share four practical tips to help keep your vinyl tiles in pristine condition.

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Tip #1: Give your flooring a gentle sweep daily

A Broom and Vacuum Cleaner

Dust and dirt are inevitable. However, you can keep your vinyl tiles/planks gleaming with a daily sweep. In fact, the more often you maintain your vinyl flooring, the more use you get out of it in the long run. A quick lap with a soft bristle broom or lightweight vacuum should help eliminate dirt or wayward crumbs. 

Please use a soft brush attachment if you plan to use a vacuum. Vacuum cleaners with “beater bars” should be avoided, as these can damage the surface of the vinyl flooring. Regular sweeping or vacuuming can help prevent dents or scratches from forming when debris is dragged across the surface.

Tip #2: Clean up spills immediately

Cleaning a Coffee Spill On a Vinyl Floor.

The longer you leave a splotch of liquid unattended, the greater the chance of staining your vinyl flooring. Fortunately, swift action can save the day! Even if your vinyl flooring is waterproof and stain-resistant, you should still clean any spill as soon as it happens to reduce the risk of damaging the vinyl and the need for scrubbing later on. Use a paper towel or a soft, damp cloth to blot the spill gently. Avoid rubbing motions, as this will only spread the liquid and make cleaning the mess more challenging.

Tip #3: Avoid cleaning products with abrasive components

Avoid cleaning products with abrasive components

Harsh chemicals are the nemesis of vinyl flooring, leaving behind a dull film that cannot be removed without damaging the finish. Some cleaning solutions, like ammonia-based cleaners, may even react chemically with the vinyl, causing the floor to bubble and crack. 

To prevent this from happening, please use only pH-neutral cleaning solutions specially designed for vinyl tiles. You can also consider a homemade solution featuring a gallon of water with a dash of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to get the job done. These gentle yet effective cleaning solutions can keep your floor intact while getting rid of dirt and grime.

Tip #4: Use a spray mop

Use a Spray Mop

Source; Fachura

Regular mopping is essential to sparkling clean vinyl tiles! In fact, we recommend mopping your vinyl floor immediately after removing any stubborn stains with a cleaning solution. Doing so helps remove any leftover residue from the use of the cleaning product, which can leave a coating that accumulates dirt.

However, avoid using steam mops to clean vinyl flooring at all costs. The hot steam generated can penetrate the layers, causing them to bend, warp, or separate from each other. Instead, spray mops are more suitable in these instances. Spraying the floor evenly and keeping any water or liquid well-dispersed will also ensure the flooring does not get overly saturated.

Vinyl floors can last you for years as long as you take care of them correctly. By incorporating these tips into your basic cleaning routine, you can ensure your vinyl flooring looks its best with minimal maintenance. However, if your vinyl tiles have been damaged recently, please reach out to our experts at Floor Xperts immediately. Our vinyl flooring repair services can restore your vinyl floor back to its pristine condition. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our flooring consultants today.


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