Getting the keys to your new place can be quite an exciting milestone but thereafter comes the struggle to fit the pieces together. Which ID should I get? What materials are quality assured? What is value for money? The list just gets longer.

Struggling to find the perfect floor? Let Floor Xpert guide you with the 5 key questions to help you make the right choice.

1 – Where will you install the floor?

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Every room has specific needs. A living room longs for the charm of authentic wood, while kitchens require floors that are waterproof and easy to clean. Looking for a floor for your bedroom or nursery? Then you’ll want one that feels warm and soft, with an underlay that reduces reflection sound.


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2 – How will your floor be installed?

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In a new house the thickness of a floor won’t be an issue. But if you’re renovating, it’s good to know that LURF resilient floor can be installed over an existing floor. Are you installing it yourself or hiring a professional? Either way, to reduce installation costs you’ll want a method that’s quick and easy – like the Quick-Step Uniclic system.

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3 – Who will use the floor?

If you have kids, then you’ll know that they like to play on a soft and warm floor and you’ll want it to be easy to clean. If you have pets, then it’s good to know that all LURF resilient floors have protective, scratch-resistant layers.

4 – Do you hate the feeling of cold tiles beneath your feet?

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If so, look for a floor with the right thermal features to make sure your underfoot feels comfortable all the time.  We LURF you too much to let you feel cold!

5 – What’s your style?

Do you like planks or tiles? Modern or traditional? Light or dark? In the end, there’s no accounting for taste. The choice is up to you. Only pick a floor that complements your own style. But remember: there’s a LURF resilient floor for every taste.


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