5 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

The kitchen is the beating heart of your home and a hub of activity. It’s where you start your day by making breakfast; you may also prepare lunch there and cook a full-blown meal in the evening. This means a lot of movement in a single space. So how do you keep your kitchen nice and tidy?


  1. Divide your kitchen into work zones

Many different tasks are performed in a kitchen: preparing and cooking meals, doing the dishes, making coffee or tea… That’s why you should divide your kitchen into zones and group those items that belong together. Keep your herbs and cooking pots near the cooker and washing-up liquids under the sink; find a cosy little corner for coffee, biscuits, filters and cups… Store the items you rarely use in the top or bottom cupboard.


  1. Opt for a pantry off the kitchen

There’s no need to store everything in the kitchen. Your supply of kitchen rolls, pasta, cornflakes, canned foods, the deep fryer… these can easily be kept in the pantry. Moreover, this hides them from view. If you’re renovating your home or if it’s still being built and you can make a choice, then you should opt for a practical and lockable pantry and a ‘normal’ sized kitchen instead of that really big one.


  1. Trays in kitchen cabinets

Create order and structure in your cabinets and drawers. For instance, don’t just throw all your herbs on a pile but use a herb rack instead. The same principle applies in many other cases as well. It will keep your cupboards from becoming hopelessly cluttered and you’ll be able to find all your kitchen utensils when you need them!


  1. Pick a floor that can take it

The kitchen is where your floor can really take a beating. Just think of food stains or knives dropping to the floor, a cooking pot that escapes your grasp as you’re putting it away, water or grease that gets splashed around… So when you’re picking that kitchen floor it’s best to take all these scenarios into account. In addition, when the day’s activities are over, your floor has to resist aggressive cleaning agents as well.


  1. Keep in mind that a kitchen is “alive”

The final tip is the simplest of all: never forget a kitchen is a living space. Storing things and tidying up are necessary evils but it’s okay to leave something on the sink once in a while. A salt and pepper shaker, a cup you’ll be using later that day, a fruit basket… Keeping your kitchen tidy to a fault is the quickest way to create a cold and impersonal atmosphere.


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