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A Touch Of Pink

Mar 28, 2022

By: admin_cleverly

Pink is everywhere these days, from movies like Grand Budapest Hotel to the cover of Drake’s hit single Hotline Bling. Lately, the color has been conquering our home interiors as well, from subtle touches in furniture, to complete walls painted in exquisite ‘millennial pink’. The next step? Adding a pink floor. Here’s how!

Looking pretty in pink with Signature ‘Painted Oak Rose’
Not even that long ago, pink was considered a decidedly feminine color. Today, it’s everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why. Pink can be soft and calm, but also tough and stylish. It stands for a complete set of androgynous hues – peach, salmon, blush etc. – that defines a generation. It speaks to our comfort with gender fluidity, but also provides an ideal counterweight to our increasingly busy schedules.

Pink conquers home interiors
This calming effect makes it an ideal color for home interiors. In our effort to create places of peace and harmony, we’ve been reaching for tactile and natural materials, like velour and wood, for a while now. Pink further adds to this softness and tranquility and evokes feelings of vulnerability.

Bringing pink into your home interior can be done in several ways: through decorative elements like pillows and plaids and subtle and not-so-subtle pink touches in furniture and wall paint. For those who are willing to take the next step, there’s also the possibility of installing a pink floor, such as the ‘Painted Oak Rose’.

Tips for adding a touch of pink to your home
Apart from these calming properties, pink also helps other colors to pop out more. Because every combination creates a completely different effect, it’s a great color to experiment with. For example:

Grey, white, black and other pink hues: Combining pink with other neutrals will give your interior a minimalistic yet fresh, sincere and nostalgic feel.
Deep pink with terracotta, rust and ochre hues: Bring additional warmth into your interior and go on a mental vacation with these African and South American-inspired combinations.
Black and grey: Make the pink hues in your interior stand out by combining them with deep and dark colours. Wood, black and grey are perfect to create stunning contrasts and can offset the softness of pink, for a slightly more robust feel.
Copper: Pink also goes surprisingly well with copper, another interior trend growing in popularity. By combining them, you bring out the best of both for a warm and serene interior.

Featured: ‘Painted Oak Rose’

‘Painted Oak Rose’: High performing in pink
Painted Oak Rose is part of our Capture collection. This collection is the result of 30 years of innovation, creativity and technological mastery. The new and refined designs boast unbelievable authenticity, an unprecedented attention to detail, and excellent performance. The new range delivers lifelike design, detailed structures and unparalleled performance never seen before in hybrid wood flooring.

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