Natural-looking replacement for natural grass in gardens:

  • Easier and lower maintenance costs (no watering and mowing!)
  • Drains better than real grass
  • Always ready for play

For use on balconies and indoors:

  • Lets you bring Nature into your home
  • Creates a friendly and relaxing ambiance

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Classification, zSNAP.TURF


Yarn Length, 35mm
Stitch Rate, 26 per 10cm
Backing, 26 Ounces of Double Layer Latex Backing
Colour Choices, Natural Green
Draincell, 20mm thick
UV Protector, Best UV Protection~~Grey Scale Score “4-5″~~Designed for Strong Sunlight Area
Health Protector, Heavy Metal Free~~No Concern of hazardous Substances~~RoHS Certified

Warranty, Residential 5 Years Warranty (Warranty Against Discolouration & UV Degradation)

Country of Origin/ Manufacture, China




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