Who would ever have thought that old, dilapidated factory premises and robust warehouses would serve as the number one source of inspiration for contemporary interiors? Naked concrete, visible ducts and rough brick walls: we no longer cover them up. On the contrary, we’re only too happy to bring them prominently to the foreground. Discover some useful tips to uncover the rough and rugged industrial side of your house, without any concessions to charm or style!

An industrial interior doesn’t necessarily have to exude a cold atmosphere; with the right furnishings you can create the cosiest of homes. Choose furniture with stark lines – vintage or modern – in which prominent use has been made of robust and rugged materials. It goes without saying that concrete and wood are the number one choices, but you could just as easily consider metal, leather, brass or aluminium. However, when you are picking out your furniture keep in the back of your mind that too much of the same material in a single space is seldom a good idea.


Neutral and natural shades work best in an industrial interior; they form a perfect complement to the robust elements. Black and white are always good options, but softer grey, in particular, is more typical to this trend: it emphasises the concept of steel that is so characteristic of the industrial look. Is an over-abundance of grey perhaps a little too stark for you? You could consider painting a wall in an accentuating colour, such as a bright neon colour, or an earth tone like burgundy. Does your house have a red brick wall? Don’t plaster it, because authentic walls like this are just the thing to lend a cosy atmosphere to your home.


The past few years have seen an immense upgrade in the architectural application of concrete: from a material reserved entirely for construction purposes to a much-admired and popular finish. Have a concrete floor installed, or choose an imitation floor that mimics the concrete look to perfection. The robust allure and typical grey colour guarantee a minimalist look. One step further? On the wall, on the ceiling, in kitchen counters or washbasins: this material can be applied as an aesthetic element just about anywhere!


In addition to concrete, weather-beaten wood (or the look of weather-beaten wood) has become a must in interior finishing as well as in the choice of furniture, accessories and flooring for an industrial interior. The authentic wood grain and grooves incorporated into the floor give your home a rugged, yet warm and even nonchalant vibe. Planks with a ‘concrete finish’ add a rough edge to the familiar texture of pine.


Perfect your industrial interior with accessories such as brass lamps, huge storage chests or a vintage railway station clock, or go all the way with a concrete lampshade or side table to create the atmosphere of a genuine New York loft!

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