Having a pet at home can be an added bonus of happiness to the family. Playing fetch, cuddling and romping about makes your home a livelier place. But the downside is our furry buddies may sometimes have miscue moments. The pain of reaching home and realising there is puddles of pee on your precious LURF flooring. Don’t panic! Grab a bucket, a mop and your Quick-Step cleaning agent.

There are two different scenarios and different methods to handle it.

Little Puddle

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You just stepped into the room and realised there is a little puddle of accident. Grab some paper towels immediately. Place them on top of the puddle to absorb the moisture. After that, take a damp cloth and wipe the spot clean. It’s as simple as that.

Oh No, Dried Up?

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You can try taking a cloth and wiping the spot. If it doesn’t go off, then your Quick-Step cleaning agent is here to help. Moisten the cloth with the agent and wipe it over the spot. It’s safe to use as much as you want, as long as you manage to thoroughly get the stain off.

In order to prevent such accident from giving you a panic attack, we have some tips for you.

1.Walk your furry buddy on routine timing and make sure feeding is also done at the same time in the day.

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2. If he is starting to sniff around, time to bring him out! He’s giving you very very direct hints.

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3.When you are walking your furry buddy, always bring him to the same locations. Let him have a sense of familiarity.

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4.Pets are like us, they also crave for compliments. Reward them for a good relieve job done outside. This also lets them know they are doing it right.

Say goodbye to accidents and enjoy the comfort of your LURF flooring with your previous furry buddies!

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