When you arrive home after a busy day, you often need a moment to yourself. That is when you look for your own place in the house, your oasis of calm. Now you can make it into a real paradise, with these exotic interior trends.

To escape the hustle and bustle and become one with nature, you don’t even have to go outside. This is because there are quite a few ways to integrate the wilderness into your favourite room. You can do this making use of plants, tropical prints or ethnic details. You can bring these elements together in several trendy ways, but even independently they can give any room a make-over.


Sometimes you enter somewhere, and immediately get the feeling that something is missing. This can be solved with some exotic plants or flowers. Every room instantly gets more colour and character, and a different atmosphere is created in every corner. They brighten and bring the “outside” warmth into a cosy interior world. You can combine tropical plants in all colours and scents, which means you can let your fantasy go wild. Are you someone who is not very green-fingered, or do you sometimes forget to water them? Then choose a climbing plant: they are nearly indestructible!



If plants are not really your thing, you may be a fan of a striking wallpaper with leaf print. Wallpaper has made a real comeback and can be found in a wide range of styles and prints! So, whether you opt for funny pineapples in cartoon style or prefer an elegant, dramatic abundance of leaves… Anything is possible to transform your room into an exotic paradise.

Do take care to keep everything nicely balanced. Excess can have the effect of making your space less cosy. Therefore, just apply an exotic tint to a corner or a single wall. That way you will create a real eye catcher in your interior.


You can perfectly combine this tropical jungle with special objects and souvenirs that you have brought home from exotic destinations. Give them a prominent place, that way they add zest to your space. Often, these objects have beautiful geometric shapes and the pure materials complement the natural elements of your interior perfectly. You can also combine the colours of the jungle with ethnic prints for a dynamic effect. From a rug with a tribal print to bohemian cushion covers: mix and match to your heart’s content!



Your interior is not complete without a matching floor. Do you want to really turn your home into an exotic location where you can dream away in style? Then finish off the whole look with natural materials. Think of using rattan, (tropical) wood, cork and bamboo. Play with marble or a leather look for an extra individual touch.

A hardwood floor brings nature and authenticity into your home. Do you prefer a floor that is easier to care for? Then luxurious vinyl is the perfect alternative. Both of these smoothly combine a traditional look and style with ease of use. In addition they are very hard wearing. In short, the best of both worlds!

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