We are going to know the decor trends 2019-2020 so you do not miss out on what is to come.

The trends of 2019 are burning and so they tell us from Pinterest. There they follow carefully which are the most wanted and marked pins to tell us what trends are rising for 2019 and 2020.

And today we’re going to show you which are those ideas that are becoming essential for the coming months. Some of us have been seeing them in terms of concept layout or colours for some time, but others are newer than black kitchens.

Whatever it is today we are going to give you a review so you are up to date with all of them. Do not lose sight of them and start dressing your home with them, before anyone else.

Less Walls

ID: Kuro+/ Product: LURF® Vinyl BACL 40017

It follows with force the tendency to throw the walls down and create open and diaphanous spaces. Especially in the kitchen area it is preferred open to the dining room and sharing spaces. When you choose to divide you look for more diaphanous elements such as glass doors.


Product: Topcret’s BAXAB®

We already talked about microcement not long ago as a leading trend in 2019. And Pinterest confirms it. Whether it’s cement tiles or concrete floors, it’s clear that you like it a lot. And that is a solution that every day is used more for all kinds of spaces. In addition to having very little maintenance and high resistance!

Open Cabinets

ID: Luova / Product: LURF® Vinyl BACL 40131

It seems like it is a trend that continues to rise. It will be because of the lack of space or because we like to see what there is. But if you are thinking about setting up your own open closet you will now find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Ideas as beautiful as these that will help you to have the dream cabinet even if you have a minimum space.

Black Comes Back To The Kitchen    


ID: Builders Plus/ Product: LURF® Vinyl AMCL 40051

So much for the furniture as for the surfaces of work and the sinks that now also stain of this color. A combination that will certainly not go unnoticed. The black door cabinets in different finishes are combined with natural stone countertops also in black.

And so as not to break the monochrome, the appliances are also chosen in the same color. And even the sinks. In contrast, white and wood are chosen for walls and floors. The result is spectacular!


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