When you are looking for a new floor, one of the first requirements is that it suits your interior, but there are also a number of other things you should bear in mind.

In fashion, black is an absolute classic. Black has also become more and more popular with interior designers in recent years, although many of us are still somewhat reticent about using black in the home. These reservations are unjustified, because when used correctly, black can add a very personal, unique touch to your home.

Black evokes conflicting emotions: it can be a sad, dark colour, but it also exudes luxury and class. The basic rule to remember when using black is therefore: “Do not exaggerate!” Interiors with black as the dominant colour can feel oppressive and depressing, but combined tastefully in the right doses, black can lift almost any space to a higher level.


Like white, black combines well with almost any other colour. Against a black background, bright colours create striking contrasts and an intense look for your living room. The backdrop of a black wall often enhances colourful design objects or paintings much better than a white wall. If you are more traditional, you can combine black with gold or silver for a chic, majestic interior.



Black not only works very well with other colours; it is also the perfect complement to more luxurious materials, such as leather and wood. It is also an ideal tool to help create a more ethnic look. Contrary to what you might think, black even has a place in children’s rooms. Paint (a section of) one wall in your kids’ play room or bedroom with black chalkboard paint, and give them some chalk sticks to unleash their creativity!



Combinations with soft and lighter colours have a calming effect. This option is ideal for a bedroom or office space, where black immediately adds a touch of respectability and confidence. Of course, black and white is the ultimate classic combination. A tasteful combination of these two extremes gives entrance halls and bathrooms, but also kitchens a particularly stylish and elegant look.



People sometimes say that dark colours make your rooms look smaller, but this is not always the case. The combination of black flooring with a bright ceiling and bright walls actually makes your room look bigger, particularly when you add a mirror or some prominent decoration pieces.

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