Colour and the meaning behind it is very decisive for your interior. We’ve already explored red and yellow earlier, and this time we’ll be focusing on green. What effect will the colour have on your interior, and where in your home would the colour fit best?

We unhesitatingly associate green with nature: grass, trees, fruit, vegetables… Via this link with green you also immediately think of health, tranquillity and freshness. A green-hued interior is thus perfect for relaxing in and letting go of all your stress.



Combining different hues of green with one another can often produce a beautiful and restful result. The combination with white hues also almost always creates a successful interior. Be sure that you use more light than dark green hues, otherwise the room can quickly feel oppressive.

If you’re open to something a bit more exotic and daring, then purple-green might be something for you. The combination of gentler green hues with dark-grey or brown surfaces can also add style and class to your interior.



If you opt for green, you’re also surfing the latest trend: a lively and refreshing jungle inside your home. Hanging plants, palm trees, ferns…: the landscape of the indoor garden has infinite variety. They pleasingly decorate your home, have a cheering effect and have a positive impact on your health.

Moreover, it´s not just real plants that are making their triumphant return in the interior. You can also easily introduce nature into your home with, for example, luxuriant natural and floral prints on wallpaper or posters. Cushions and other home accessories with botanical prints also lend your home a warm feeling.



Green evokes relaxation, but also liveliness and conviviality, so the colour is appropriate for virtually every space in the home. The natural colour brings peace and harmony into a room and makes it easier for you to concentrate. Green is therefore also often used in work rooms such as offices or studies. But green can thus be used everywhere without hesitation!

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