Colour plays a key role in your interior. Not only does colour create a certain atmosphere, it can also be used to make a room appear smaller or larger. In addition, colour brings out your personality and it can influence your mood. Discover what feelings are conjured up by the colour red.

Shades of red are synonymous with passion, adrenaline and energy. Red is a strong and stimulating colour: it inspires action. As for personality, red is mainly associated with leadership, ambition, self-confidence and resolve. On the other hand, red can also indicate aggression and a demanding personality.



Red keeps you on your toes and attentive to your surroundings. Red also gives the impression of being closer than other colours. This is one of the reasons that traffic lights are red, just like most other traffic signs that are meant to keep you out of harm’s way.



Shades of red can be perfectly combined with both white, shades of grey and black. Each of the resulting combinations creates a unique atmosphere in your home. If you like more colourful combinations then you can match red with softer shades of green or blue, as well as ochre. Combinations with wood are another viable alternative.



Since red stimulates conversation and generates energy, this colour really comes into its own in the dining room and the sitting area. That is why so many restaurants have a red interior. The intensity of the colour breathes life into a room and conjures up cosiness and warmth. Dim the lights to tone down the energising effect of the colour red if you prefer a slightly more intimate atmosphere. While you can opt for a red wall, red touches will achieve a similar result.

Some say that a red environment can increase the heart rate and blood pressure. The colour can also cause feelings of irritation, anxiety and anger, which is why red is less suitable for the bedroom.

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