With colour you can give different rooms their very own accent. Each colour evokes different feelings and creates a different atmosphere in a room. Are you thinking about using yellow in your interior? Here´s what yellow can do to a room…

Yellow is the brightest colour in the colour spectrum. Almost everywhere in the world the colour is associated with sun, warmth, happiness, optimism… So yellow is very much the colour of the summer. According to studies, yellow also stimulates the memory and the brain, and it can even generate extra energy in the body.


Yellow jumps out at you more than any other colour. You´ll also find the attention and the positive characteristics that we associate with yellow in, for example, the yellow leader´s jersey in the Tour de France. Even amidst a tight and colourful peloton, the yellow jersey really stands out.



Yellow can be used without difficulty in the dining room, although red is slightly better suited there. If you want the colour to really stand out, go for yellow in the kitchen and/or bathroom. Yellow is great in such practical living rooms.

In the kitchen, one unconsciously associates yellow with food (just think of bananas, lemons, French fries, egg yolks, etc.). In the bathroom the colour also evokes freshness and summertime. Moreover, yellow is ideal for making smaller rooms seem bigger than they are.

Of course, you have to be careful not to overdo it, and definitely don´t paint the entire room yellow. According to some studies, such brightly-coloured rooms lead more quickly to feelings of frustration or anger. For a baby’s room, too, it´s better not to use yellow.


Yellow is a dominant colour, so it’s not easy to combine in your interior. If you want a room to really attract all the attention, yellow can be perfectly combined with grey or black. Think, for example, of yellow and black taxis, or traffic light poles: your eye is immediately drawn to them.

Looking for a more harmonious colour combination? Then green-yellow or orange-yellow will surely introduce a great deal of atmosphere and freshness into the home. In addition, you can also experiment with a combination of different yellow hues – or simply combine yellow and white.

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