The hues of your interior reveal your true colours… So make sure you get them right. Choose the look and feel you want to convey and create a unique appearance.

Yellow & beige

Stand for sun, fun & optimism.
Make a dark room feel sunnier and create a peaceful atmosphere with light oak, beech, or maple flooring.

LURF® Balance 40130

 Red & orange

Stand for warmth, intimacy & harmony.
Picture yourself in an exotic, warm place with cherry or Merbau design. Add colonial and solid furniture for accentuation.

LURF® Pulse 40088


Stands for earth, comfort & security.
Connect with nature by laying brown-tinted floors. The excellent backdrop for rustic furniture and bright, strong colours.


LURF® Balance 40160

With our wide range of LURF products, there is more than one shade of the same colour, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Visit our showroom today to see it for yourself!


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