Q: LURF® Quick-Step Structure Is Unique.

Today’s luxury vinyl floors have plenty of practical advantages, including water resistance, quiet footstep noise, and a nice, warm feel. And their thinness make them an excellent choice for renovations.

For LURF® Quick-Step vinyl, it is catagorized as a type of flexible flooring, with its own unique structure and compositions.

  1. High-performance top layer: this protective layer with Scratch and Stain Guard technology protects your floors from dirt, stains and scratches, and makes them easy to clean and maintain. The extra-matte finish guarantees a natural look.
  2. Fine-printed vinyl decor layer: the high-grade printing technique used for this layer gives your vinyl floor its unique and authentic appearance.
  3. Strong, impact-resistant vinyl core: this waterproof and sound-reducing vinyl core provides comfort and durability.
  4. An extra stabilising layer: this layer contains super-dense glass fibres to give the vinyl floor additional dimensional stability.
  5. A highly efficient impact-resistant vinyl backing: this layer guarantees a perfectly balanced floorboard, which prevents cupping or warping.

Q: There are no areas I can’t install LURF® Quick-Step vinyl floors.

LURF® Quick-Step Vinyl can be installed anywhere inside your home or commercial space. However, we do not recommend laying a vinyl floor in extremely wet areas such as showers or pool areas.

Q: I install LURF® Quick-Step vinyl on walls?

The answer is yes! We carry a special adhesive call the AQUBond which is suitable as a universal adhesive for LURF®, for use on walls and floors in interior applications.

Q: Excessive water can seep through the vinyl floor and damage my underlay?

This depends on your underlay. The SilentFeet underlay is made of polyethylene and won’t be damaged by water. Just make sure to avoid cleaning your vinyl floor with excessive amounts of water and don’t leave liquid on your floor for extended periods of time.

Q: We can remove scuff marks from LURF® Quick-Step vinyl floor

Shoes with dark-coloured soles or heavy objects with rubber underneath can leave black scuff marks on your floor. Don’t worry, these can easily be removed.

With our Quick-Step Livyn cleaning agent and a cloth you can wipe them away almost instantly. Mix two measuring caps in a pail of lukewarm water, wet the cloth with the solution, squeeze out the excess and wipe over the marks.

Q: LURF® Quick-Step vinyl is scratch free?

LURF® Quick-Step vinyl floors have a top coating that is highly wear and scratch resistant. Although LURF® Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl meet the European technical standards, they are not scratchproof: certain sharp objects may damage your floor. That is why we recommend taking a few preventive measures:

  • Use a doormat. It will help keep sharp and damaging objects, such as dust, sand and grit, out of your house.
  • Add protection to furniture legs (chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.), and use castor chairs with soft wheels.
  • Make sure the wheels of your vacuum cleaner are not too hard or badly damaged.

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