Who carries out the installation?

All BAXAB products are installed by our own technicians. Our installation staff receive ongoing training on our products, their properties and techniques for perfecting their aesthetic finishes.

Where can I see BAXAB products?

You can find BAXAB products by visiting our showroom, where you can see the quality of all of our cement-based coatings and appreciate their finish, colour and texture.

Is it possible to apply BAXAB products to furniture?

BAXAB can be applied on flat surface furnitures.

Because your products don’t have joints, is there a greater risk of cracking?

Not at all. Due to their great adhesive capacity and because only a very thin layer of the product needs to be applied, BAXAB do not crack under most circumstances. The only way cracks may occur is if the base on which the coating is applied undergoes some significant movement, settlement or expansion. The incorporation of a fiberglass mesh minimizes the risk of cracks.

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