What is our Wood Flooring?

Our wood flooring are engineered wood floors made up of three layers of solid wood, covered with a protective finish. A careful selection of raw materials and a tightly controlled manufacturing process guarantee optimum stability and durability.

What is Wood Flooring Made Of?

Made of a total of four layers, where our products differ structurally is in the finishing layer:

1. A finishing layer: Depending on the Parquet floor you choose, this finishing layer may consist of either:

  • Seven layers of UV-cured water based lacquer that protects your floor against wear, scratches and stains, and makes it as easy to maintain.
  • Two layers of quality modified oil which creates an extra matt and natural authentic look and which ages gracefully.

2. A face layer: A carefully selected 3mm solid wood layer in a vast array of colours and structures. The surface layer can be sanded and refinished.

3. A core layer: This is what makes a floor stable and durable, absorbing stress and strain and keeping the floor stable in all conditions. The balance between the hardness and the flexibility of the core material is crucial in ensuring a smooth click and a strong connection. The core consists of Hevea blocks (HDF), which is the wood from rubber trees that gets a ‘second life’ after they are no longer used as a rubber latex source.

4. A backing layer: Made of spruce or pine veneer, it prevents the floor from cupping or warping in combination with the other layers.

What is the difference between Floor Xpert’s Wood Flooring and other solid hardwood flooring?
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, Floor Xpert’s Wood Flooring, Other solid wood floors

Stability, Consists of 3 layers = less contracting/expanding, A lot of contracting/expanding

Lifespan, Top layer = 3 mm (so sanding possible up to 3 mm), Sanding only possible down to the tongue of the plank

Protection, No extra protection needed thanks to 7 layers of varnish, Needs to be sanded first: oil & varnish & wax

Installation time, Product + installation = immediately ready for use, Product + installation + finishing (sanding and oiling/wax or varnish)

Maintenance, Thanks to the use of dirt-repelling laquer~~Quick-Step Parquet is easy to maintain with a simple cleaning kit, Regular waxing and oiling

Ecology, More economical use of wood: 1 m³ of wood = 150 m² of wood flooring~~Hevea wood = recycled rubber wood (a more solid basis), 1 m³ of wood = 50 m² solid wood



Is it difficult to clean and maintain your Wood Flooring?

Cleaning too often or too wet is unnecessary. In some cases, it could even permanently damage your floor. We recommend cleaning your hardwood floor dry with the Quick-Step microfiber mop. Once in a while, you can also use a slightly damp mop.

We also have a range of dedicated cleaning and maintenance products which you can use for your flooring. For more information, click here.

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