Many a times when we prepare for our new homes, we source for ideas and inspirations via sources like Pinterest, SquareRoom, Home&Decor and etc. Whether it is to do a full revamp, decorating just certain areas in the house, the ideas can be extremely enjoyable but you might also be at a lost with the various choices each inspiration offers. Everything looks just so instagrammable. But before you dive in and make the purchase base on your visualization, here’s five things you should take note:


  1. Take down measurements      Image credits: GoogleBefore you launch into the big purchase for the perfect piece of furniture or that latest electrical appliances, have you measure the space allocated for it? That sofa looks good with a 1.8m length but your living room only allows a maximum of 1.6m length, how? To avoid the regret when you make the impulse purchase, make sure you measure the space and having some added allowance for just in case. If you have engaged an ID, you can also seek their advice on the best position and comfortable measurement.
  2. Feel it allImage Credits: Floor XpertThe bed looks so comfortable, let’s get it! WAIT! Looking good and feeling good is totally different. Don’t ever purchase something without knowing how it feels to touch. Sit on the bed or maybe even lie on it. Don’t mind if people around you are giving judging look, what matters is you making sure it’s comfortable to be in your new house.Image Credits: Google
  3. Consider the factorsImage Credits: GoogleBesides price point, aesthetic look and material of the furniture, make sure you consider other factors. If you have pets at home, you won’t want to get furniture that is easily scratch or not waterproof. For families with elderly, you might want to consider furniture that does not come with sharp edges in case they fall and hit themselves against it.Image Credits: Floor Xpert
  4. Take your timeDeciding on the look and theme of the home is not usually a day or two. There may be multiple changes as more and more ideas soar in. After deciding on the theme, there is when you mix and match the furniture to get the overall look that you want. Spend time to mix and match to get the overall look and feel you wish to achieve. The furniture can wait but once you make the purchase, you may not be able to reverse the decision.
  5. Quality over quantityImage Credits: Floor XpertWith the numerous sales happening almost every month, there is always something we think we need in the house, a new rug or a new bowl. Sales doesn’t mean you do bulk purchase. Instead, check the value and quality of the product first. Yes you may pay lesser now but is the quality good enough to last you at least 1 year usage? Make a list of the items you really need before you start doing any purchase, it also helps if it comes with a budget allocated. This prevents a lot of excessive buying resulting to potential clutter in the future.

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