What is pre-finished hardwood floors?

Prefinished hardwood” means that the hardwood has been finished in the factory and then you just install it. “Unfinished” means you have raw hardwood that needs to be nailed into the floor and then sanded & refinished on-site.

Are you considering a prefinished hardwood floor? Good idea! A prefinished hardwood floor has a lot of advantages. These four may help you make the right decision.

Your prefinished floor is wear-proof

Quick-Step prefinished hardwood floors are fully wear-proof, thanks to either seven protective layers of UV-cured lacquer. After all, quality is Quick-Step’s middle name! So don’t be surprised if you receive an up to a lifetime workmanship warranty.

You get the look of a solid wood floor

Factory-applied finishes also tend to be highly transparent, so you can really see the natural wood texture. This means you get the look and feel of a solid hardwood floor, with the convenience of a prefinished hardwood floor. What are you waiting for?

Installing a prefinished hardwood floor is easier

Choosing a prefinished floor means avoiding the hassle of sanding, staining and finishing your floor after installing it. So, no wood dust or odour in the air and no accidental dirt or hair stuck in the finishing layer.

Cleaning your pre-finished hardwood has never been easier!

Muddy boots, chocolate sauce, wine or other dirt on your wooden floor? No need to worry!

With the newest Surface & Edge Protect+ technology, mud, spilled foods and other dirt are prevented from getting stuck in the joints and texture of the wood. This makes it easier to remove stubborn dirt with a damp floorcloth or mop, and helps to preserve the floor’s attractive, authentic appearance.

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