Have you ever stared at your walls and wondered why the flooring and walls of your house cannot synchronise. Dreaming of extending a beautiful vinyl flooring patterns onto the walls of your interior? Thanks to our new aqucoat and aqubond, you can now install waterproof, warranty-protected LURF flooring vertically, including showers. Yes, you heard us right – even in your showers! What’s more it comes with an R11 anti-slip rating, which is recommended by experts as a safe rating for domestic kitchens and showers. It ensures slips are avoided but are also incredibly stylish and durable too.

The floor is one of the most important elements of a room, affecting its ambiance as much – or more than – any single wall. As the ‘5th wall’ of an interior space, many designers are choosing to harmoniously extend the aesthetics of the floor to one or more walls of an interior. This leads to greater stylistic unity and can generate a feeling of greater space.


Before you get all excited, here’s how you get started:

  1. Choose your choice of vinyl from our LURF Ambient, Balance & Pulse Collection.


  1. It is light weight and can be directly install to almost any stable and firm surface with the right adhesive used.


  1. Hassle Free Maintenance. Vinyl on walls means no more scrubbing of dirty grout like how you do it for tiles. Regular damp wiping – as simple as that.


The best part of installing vinyl vertically is that you don’t have to do any hacking, saving your wallet from a big hole! With our new aqu range, you can enjoy LURF vinyl even in your showers. At Floor Xpert, we are constantly on the look out to create new solutions and also bring in more stylish design for your crib, from your floors to your walls.



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