If you want the best, wood flooring is the cream of the crop. Nothing beats the look of real wood, but how can you make sure your dream floor continues to look perfect after many years?

All our wood flooring has three layers of solid wood and an additional protection layer. Depending on the floor you choose, this additional protection consists of:

Seven layers of varnish to ensure your flooring is easy to clean and protected against wear, scratches and stains.

Two layers of high-grade oil to guarantee an attractive aging process and an extra matt, natural look.

Your wood flooring will require little maintenance thanks to its unique production process and additional protection layer. You will also get a lifetime warranty! If you follow the golden rules of maintenance below, you will continue to enjoy a perfect floor without any worries.


For the regular wood floor maintenance, just use a dry microfiber cloth to remove all dust and dirt. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a special suction nozzle to remove dirt from the grooves. Never polish your floor with impregnated wiping cloths, as they make dust stick to the floor and may leave stains.


After several dry cleans, you will need to clean your floor with a slightly damp cloth. Please note that it is not necessary to damp clean your floor frequently or with a cloth that is too wet. This may actually be damaging to your wood floor. Add one capful of cleaning product (preferably Quick-Step Clean) to 5 litres of water, soak a microfiber cloth and wring out well: the cloth should only be slightly damp. Clean the floor and mop dry with a dry cloth. Never pour a bucketful of water and cleaning solution on to the floor!


When faced with accidental spills, marks on the floor or a mess left by the children, don’t worry. Try to remove the stains with a dry microfiber cloth and some Quick-Step Clean product as soon as possible. If you are unsuccessful at first, use a damp cloth with Quick-Step Clean. Carefully remove any water residue from the floor and do not use any other products, as they can damage your floor.


The right air humidity is an important factor in your wood flooring’s lifespan. Warm, humid air makes wood boards expand and cold, dry air makes them shrink. The ideal humidity level is between 40% and 60%, so check your home hygrometer regularly and install a humidifier, air washer or dehumidifier, if necessary.

See our maintenance tips here.

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