If you are thinking of putting in new floors in your home, incorporating herringbone pattern onto your floor or wall is an easy & cost effective way to add instant impact to your interior. The herringbone pattern is a classic and we all know how appreciated herringbone floors are. Although there are variations of this pattern, it’s always easy to identify it. There is some misperception that it’s usually the older, traditional homes that will feature this type of flooring but this doesn’t necessarily mean that modern homes can’t take advantage of this feature as well. Installing the herringbone floor is actually pretty easy.

By laying out the boards in a herringbone pattern, one does not incur any extra expense in materials, however, the labour cost may increase slightly to account for the setup, depending on the type of materials used.

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A modern or contemporary home can take advantage of herringbone flooring to feel more inviting. In spaces such as the kitchen this would be a charming alternative for the usual tiles.

Herringbone wall by: Floor Xpert

Allow the wooden flooring to stand out. You can do that by keeping the rest of the materials, colours and finishes simple and making sure there’s cohesion throughout, even if there are strong contrasts.

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Don’t just assume that herringbone flooring make a space look old and outdated. You can easily change the look and the ambiance by restraining the floors or you can take advantage of such a feature and decorate the space from there.

Flooring by: Floor Xpert

Instead of replacing your old herringbone floors with something more modern, you can keep them and create an eclectic décor around them, or include rustic, traditional and industrial elements.


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