How To Clean Your House After A Renovation

After months of waiting for your renovation to be done, it’s finally done! Planning to move in immediately and enjoy your crib? Just wait a moment, not so fast! Even though your ID or contractors may have cleaned up the place before handing the keys back to you, but it’s just external cleaning. We will advise you to do a thorough cleaning before moving in. Here’s how:

  1. Wipe everything

Start from the top of the house – ceiling and slowly progress to the floor. Start with the dusting before you start the wet wash. Make sure the dust and dirt are completely wipe out. From ceiling to window panes to counter tops, even to the gap between your fridge and the wall. Sometimes the hidden corners have the most dirt that usually goes unnoticed.

  1. Next up are the walls.

Usually when we look at the surface of the walls, we will just skimp over it. It may look clean but with a second closer look, you will notice the dirt particles. Use a duster to do a dry clean. If your paint is suitable for damp cleaning, after the dry clean, grab a damp cloth and do a wipe over. For areas out of reach, you can use a pole to secure the cloth to wipe the area. For us the magic clean pole works rather well for unreachable heights.

  1. Rinse your filters.

During renovations, even though our air-conditioners are wrapped up, dirt is still likely to get in. If you don’t give it a good rinse, when you initially on your aircon, the dust is likely to get into the air leading to allergies or respiratory issues for you and your family. So to prevent this, remove all the filters, clean them with soap and warm water, leaving them to completely dry before replacing them.

  1. Last but not least – the floors

Why the floors is to be last? Reason being – when you are wiping your walls, fixtures and carpentry, there’s always residual dust or dirt falling on to the floor. To prevent yourself from repeatedly having to clean the floor after every wipe, you really should just start on it last. Coil your cables and wires, remove debris and rubbish before you give it a good vacumn. After vacumn, give your floors a good mop.

After this clean off, everything will look spanking clean and ready to move in anytime.

We hope our tips have helped you in any way possible!

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