The Golden Rules Of Laminate Cleaning
  • You can clean our laminate floors either dry or damp, but don’t flood it. Slightly moist is best. Add some Quick-Step cleaning product to your bucket to get rid of those greasy build-ups.
  • Want to clean your floor like a pro? Use the Quick-Step Cleaning Kit, which comes with a mop holder, a microfibre mop, and a bottle of Quick-Step cleaning product, so you have everything you need within reach.
  • If your floor has bevelled edges or V-grooves, always vacuum it first. If you decide to use a damp mop afterwards, always finish cleaning with a microfibre cloth.
Why use Quick-Step cleaning products?

1.Easy and efficient way for you to clean your flooring

2.Helps maintain your floor’ original look and protective layer

3.Other cleaning agents may damage your floor

4.Cleaning agents that are too aggressive may not be good for your home environment and family’s health

Quick-Step Clean (2 litre)

Application: LURF & Laminate (daily or weekly)


Storage life:

Can be kept for 36 months after production date in the original packaging and under normal conditions

Product Information:

  • Cleanse the floor surface thoroughly
  • Maintain the original look of your floor
  • No residual layers of cleaning product are left behind
  • Emphasizes the properties and character of the floor while enhancing the luster

Retail price: $49.90


1.Remove all loose debris from the floor with vacuum cleaner or broom

2.Clean the floor regularly with cleaner diluted in water
(2capfuls of product for one bucket of water)

3.Wipe the floor with slightly damp, non-fluffy cloth or mop which has been dipped in this solution

4.Always wipe off with a dry cloth until no moisture is visible on the floor



Quick-Step Cleaning Kit


Complete, high-quality maintenance kit that contains:

1.Mop holder with telescopic handle and ergonomic grip
– Length of handle can be adjusted quickly, to a max height of 140cm

2.Machine-washable microfiber mop
-Used dry or slightly moist
-Specially designed microfibers pick up the dirt fast and easily without it go again

3.One bottle of Quick-Step Clean (750ml)

Retail price: $109


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