When it’s our 1st property we usually will be so tempted to go BIG. Because of the numerous renovation websites and beautiful Pinterest pictures, we will just keep adding on to our desires. However, think of your finances before you press on the action button.

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The average cost now for a HDB flat renovation is on an average of $30,000 – $50,000 depending on how intensive the whole renovation goes. The cost we see here is definitely not a small amount for most. But it also doesn’t mean you have to start stinging on your requirements. As people always put it – there is always a budget way around things to achieve the same effect.


Here’s what we suggest:


  1. Work out a list

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Work out a list of what you NEED vs what you WANT. You may see the gorgeous timber flooring in one of your many saved Pinterest photos and decided you want that exact same thing in your house. But truth is, natural materials are always a cost to maintain, not to mention the materials costs for installation. So to get the same effect, alternatively, you can consider vinyl flooring which comes with woodlike texture but so much more easy to maintain, at a fraction of the price. Trust us, the effect will still be as gorgeous.


2.   Think of the additional feature you want.

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Before you decide to opt-in with the HDB flooring, have an idea of what you wish to have for your interior design. If you are planning to go simple and not fork out so much cash to lay the flooring, you can opt-in since the deduction is from your CPF funds. But if you don’t have a plan, you opt-in but after that dislike what HDB has to offer, you are actually spending extra to find an alternative to overlay it – you pay from your CPF and your own wallet. So try to minimize overspending.

3.   Go for practical & durability

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It’s strange to overspend during the renovations period as we may have set our eyes on a designer home piece or that latest rose gold light fixture, with a must-get determination. We do not think splurging is wrong but think of the durability, especially if you do not foresee yourself wanting to constantly change things because the fittings or products lack the durability.

For our LURF® flooring, we cover you with a 20years warranty for domestic use, Lifetime UniClic Multifit warranty and the best part – Lifetime workmanship warranty. Definitely worth splurging.

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