Plain concrete slabs have served as the flooring material for basement, garages, patios, and utility areas for many years, but concrete is now also a viable material in modern homes, where it can be found in polished, etched, or stained form on the floors of any room in the house.

Let us introduce to one of our latest product in the market that can be applied to almost any surface – Topcret’s BAXAB®.

Topcret is the leader in the production and application of stylish cement-based micro-coverings for floors, walls and furniture.

Topcret’s BAXAB®

Available in a wide colour palette, without joints and with its trowel handmade finishing, BAXAB® achieves surfaces of great quality and beauty. It is totally impermeable, so it can be applied to kitchens, bathrooms and any wet areas.

So what is this amazing technology behind BAXAB®?

The new technology developed by Topcret includes the application of two laters of Microcement base plus mesh over the existing surface. Followed by two finishing layers of BCED, which is 10times stronger than that of conventional micro-cements. It is of extreme hardness and is highly resistant to pressure and breaks, creating a solid, stable and very durable continuous seamless surface. The final protection finishing, the exclusive CRED shield is an innovative material that is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and burns. It creates a sophisticated surface with a durable, decorative finish.

With only 3mm thick and its fast application time, it is ideal for remodeling works since it does not require removing existing floors or changing openings nor bases. It is open to foot transit after a few hours of application. It is totally waterproof, so it can even be applied to kitchen.

Not Only That!

Topcret has also developed a surface treatment call T/Grip, specially designed for wet areas, through the use of micro-particles. It ensures greater resistance to slipping where it is applied, recommended for families with children & elderly members. It can be applied on top of any Topcret products for maximum grip, minimizing slipping and sliding to create a much safer surface.

As with any flooring materials, there is always restrictions and what not. So before you strip out your existing flooring make sure you understand both the good and the bad of the new flooring you will be installing. Keen to find out more on Topcret’s BAXAB®?

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