From an installer point of view, any direction is possible BUT it will really depend on your interior outlook and personal preference. The installation can be done lengthwise or width wise, no issues.

On a general rule of thumb, the most effective way is when you lay your flooring the same direction as the main light source and in the same alignment with your main entrance. But usually a house will have several rooms and different windows placement, base on the difference, you can adopt different direction that best suit the room.


 General Rule – Lay your floor in the same line as the main light source and entrance.

Vinyl Flooring by: Floor Xpert

Interior by Meter Square. Flooring by Floor Xpert

Laying your flooring in the same line with your entrance and main light source instantly
brightens up your area!

Horizontally = Wider
Lay your flooring boards width-wise to make a narrow room look wider.

Flooring by: Floor Xpert

Vertical = Longer
Installing vertical lengthwise add depth to a short room making it longish.

Interior by Metier Planner Pte Ltd, Flooring by Floor Xpert

Interior by Dyel Design, Flooring by Floor Xpert

Diagonal = BIGGER
45-degree angle installation can instantly spruce up a small room to look more WOW.


Interior design by: Archive Design, Flooring by: Floor Xpert

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