Impressive patterns is a collection of water-resistant floors with pattern designs that will add extra character to your interior.

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Classification, Impressive Patterns

Dimensions (L x W), 120 x 39.6 cm

Thickness, 8mm

Finishing, Scratch Guard

Tongue & groove, Uniclic 

Packaging, 1.901m² /pack

Usage class, Class 21-22-23 / 31-32 (EN 13329)

CE, QL 0502 (EN 14041)

Warranty, 25 yrs (residential) /5yrs Water Resistancy & Lifetime workmanship warranty

Country of Origin/ Manufacture, Belgium


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Classification, Method, Impressive Patterns

General aspect of installed flooring, EN 13329~~ -Height Difference~~ -Opening b/w joints~~ -Cupping in the length~~ -Cupping in the width,~~ <=0.10mm~~ <=0.10mm~~ concave<=0.5% / convex<=1%~~ concave<=0.15% / convex<=0.2%

Dimensional variations, ISO 13329, δ1 average/≤0,9mm

Impact resistance, EN 13329, IC2

Thickness Swelling, ISO 24336, ≤12%

Scratch resistance, EN 438-2(25), ≥5 N

Slip resistance, EN 13893, DS

Stain resistance, EN 13329~~ -group 1&2~~ -group 3, ~~Class 5~~Class 5

Thermal resistance, ISO 8302, 0.055  m².°K/W

Fire classification, EN 14041, Cfl – s1

Burning cigarette, EN 438-2(30), Class 5

Anti-static, EN 14041, <=2.0kV

Displacement of furniture feet, EN 424~~ -foot 0.1mm/32kg~~-foot 3mm/100kg~~-foot 2mm/100kg, ~~No change~~No change~~No change

Castor chairs, ISO 4918 (with underlay) ~~(Type W – EN 12529), No change

Impact sound reduction, ISO 712/2, ∆Lw = 18 dB


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Classification, Method, Exquisa

PEFC, ,PEFC label

Formaldehyde emission, EN 717, Class E1 (<0.01ppm)


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