One quick glance and you’ll notice: the new Signature laminate flooring collection is marked by refinement.. With their elegant designs, authentic structures and realistic bevels Signature floors stand out as the most refined laminate floors ever made – nearly indistinguishable from real wood

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Classification, Signature

Dimensions (L x W), 138 x 21.2 cm

Thickness, 9mm

Finishing, Scratch Guard

Tongue & groove, Uniclic 

Packaging, 2.408m² /pack

Usage class, Class 21-22-23 / 31-32 (EN 13329)

CE, QL 0502 (EN 14041)

Warranty, 25 yrs (residential)/ 10 yrs (water resistance warranty) & Lifetime workmanship warranty

Country of Origin/ Manufacture, Belgium


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Classification, Method, Signature

General aspect of installed flooring, EN 13329~~ -Height Difference~~ -Opening b/w joints~~ -Cupping in the length~~ -Cupping in the width,~~ <=0.10mm~~ <=0.10mm~~ concave<=0.50% / convex<=1.0%~~ concave<=0.15% / convex<=0.2%

Dimensional variations, ISO 13329, δ1 average/≤0,9mm

δw average/≤0,9mm~~

Impact resistance, EN 13329~~ -Small Ball~~-Big Ball,~~>12N~~>750N

Thickness Swelling, ISO 24336, <12%

Locking Strength, ISO 24334~~ -F10, 2 long side~~ -Fmax long side~~ -Fs0.2 short side~~ -Fmax short side,~~ >=1kN/m~~ >=1kN/m~~ >=2kN/m ~~ >=2kN/m

Scratch resistance, EN 438-2(25), >5 N

Slip resistance, EN 13893, DS

Stain resistance, EN 13329~~ -group 1&2~~ -group 3, ~~Class 5~~Class 5

Thermal resistance, ISO 8302, 0.055  m².°K/W

Fire classification, EN 14041, Cfl – s1

Burning cigarette, EN 438-2(30), Class 5

Anti-static, EN 14041, <=2.0kV

Displacement of furniture feet, EN 424~~ -foot 0.1mm/32kg~~-foot 3mm/100kg~~-foot 2mm/100kg, ~~No change~~No change~~No change

Castor chairs, EN 13329 ~~(Type W – EN 12529), No change

Impact sound reduction, ISO 712/2, ∆Lw = 18 dB


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Classification, Method, Signature

PEFC, ,PEFC label

Formaldehyde emission, EN 717, Class E1 (<0.01ppm)

EU Ecolabel, SE/035/001


At Floor Xpert we don’t just offer a product, we offer a total solution. From floors, to skirting boards, sound reducing underlay and maintenance products.

MDF skirting for floors

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Wide range of colours to perfectly match your every floor design



Sound Reducing Underlay

To create a level base for your floor, and give you excellent acoustic insulation.





Maintenance for your floors

It is recommended you use dedicated Quick-Step cleaning products to maintain your floors as other products may be too strong and could harm your flooring. Learn more. 

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