Brightening your house with different lighting gives off a different ambience. Undeniably there are newer and more modern ones in the market now. But before you hastily make your choices, it’s always advisable to find out more on the different types of light fixtures and which room does it suit. You may realise you are spoil with more choices than you expect.

Today we are going to introduce three types of light fixtures our customers adopted for their homes, which also totally blend in so well with the colours of their LURF Floor.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is applied where tasks are being carried out daily, example cooking or reading or working. Glare free lighting with a suitable light tone will not strain your eyes when you carry out your tasks. Some people will traditionally go for LED downlights or fluorescent lights but do add in fluorescent lamps or swing-arm lamps.

Accent Lighting

Such lightings are used to add more attention to the room, may be an area in the room or a specific feature in the room. It uses a bulb in a shield to light up the specific area. Examples are table lamps or lighting hidden under counters.

Ambient Lighting

Most basic of the 3. Ambient lighting provides an area with overall illumination at a comfortable brightness without glaring the eyes. The light source is often hidden but yet so centralised it spreads a light glow across the room. Having ambient light as the centre source of lighting is an excellent lighting plan, which you can further add on with other layers of lighting. It can be achieved with ceiling or wall mount fixtures, track lights or even floor lamps.

All flooring in this article is by Floor Xpert. Come speak to our consultant if you will like to know you can match our flooring with the latest home trend.

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