With the evolving COVID-19 virus going around now, everyone is taking even more extra precautions to the well-being of themselves and also their families. For us, we take pride in ensuring our customers’ health are never compromised with the quality of flooring products we carry. With the exit of our Korea vinyl collection (Grandeur), we will be bringing in an even better vinyl collection from Belgium. Yes, Belgium, just like our LURF® Quick-Step.

Here’s introducing- LURF® By LOC Floor

A seductive style is subtle, it knows how to resist the passing of time and tells an unmistakable personality: just like LURF® by LOC Floor.

LURF® by LOC Floor is a delight to your eyes and feet. Manufactured from 100% virgin material and free of phthalates, the flooring from Belgium possess the look and feel of nature, perfectly mimicking authentic real wood. Their soft and comfortable structure also makes it a joy to walk on, barefooted.

Installed with Patented Uniclic system allows easy and fast installation, you won’t need glue to achieve a solid floor. No drips, no mess.

100% waterproof LOC floor offers dimensional stability for long lasting durability. On top of that, being easy to maintain makes it easy to keep your floors spic and span.  LOC Floor can easily endure the rough and tumble of everyday life, looking good even after years of use.

On top of that, it also provides us health benefits which is truly essential especially in this crucial period.


LURF® by LOC Floor complies with strict European standard on emissions and air quality, offering you the certainty of a safe and reliable floor.


Tested in accordance to EN14041 (Standard for Formaldehyde emission), it is classified as E1 which means there is no added formaldehyde in the production of LURF® by LOC Floor.


LURF® by LOC Floor provides excellent warranty coverage! For any defects which are not visible before or during the installation of the floor, there is a 15-year product warranty (residential). This applies to the hidden material or manufacturing defects which you might find in the flooring panels. On the other hand, LURF® also offers Lifetime Workmanship Warranty which covers improper installations; take for instance, falling skirting, which is not caused by the water damage or other joint-sealant defects.

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