Have you ever wonder why your vinyl floor feels hard beneath your feet?

However with LURF, which is manufactured from 100% virgin rubber, its soft and comfortable surface structure makes them a joy to walk on, even barefoot.

At the same time, they are also very durable and ‘unbreakable’ due to the enhanced fiberglass core.

LURF is not only beautiful but also versatile. They come in a wide range of designs to meet your aesthetic demands with an added bonus of durability! Advanced printing technologies and embossing techniques perfectly mimics wood and stone material giving your flooring an indefinite elegance and sophisticated look. They are designed to withstand high foot traffic and do not break, stain or damage easily.

Let’s look at WHY you should go for LURF’s unbreakable floors:


LURF is manufactured from 100% virgin rubber generated from rubber trees as opposed to recycled rubber. This not only ensures a breathable indoor air quality, and also highlighting an excellent FloorScore certification that meets the LEED criteria for being sufficiently carbon neutral.


An innumerable amount of scratch and stain resistant guarantees might have made you a little skeptical about the genuity, but rest assured that LURF amazing, unbreakable floors are armed with a revolutionary stain and scratch guard technology! Taking a closer look at the anatomy of the five protection layers of LURF floors; the top layer is completely sealed and protected against common dirt and stains. This layer is extremely durable and can even stand its own against stubborn stains like paint, markers and veneer stains! On top of that, the scratch guard is ten times more scratch resistant compared to other flooring!


Manufactured from 100% virgin material and free from phthalates, LURF offers 100% waterproof flooring that has dimensional stability for long-lasting durability. What also sets LURF apart from the rest is the extra stabilizing layer. This layer contains super dense glass fiber to give the LURF floor additional dimensional stability and prevent temperature-warping/shrinking.


While most floor finish materials consist highly volatile and hazardous materials like phthalates, formaldehyde, benzene and more, LURF uses only completely phthalate-free plasticizers to ensure good health for you and your family. Families with children, elderly and pets are guaranteed a safe environment at home!


So if you are in the looks for quality flooring for your homes, we highly recommend you to check out LURF flooring which comes with guaranteed assurance.

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