Usually, in a home, almost 70% of our time is spent in our living room – just chilling out and bonding with our love ones. When it comes to interior designing, we are faced with the question – how to make our living room feel cosy and inviting, as it’s the centre of all homes. Some may prefer a minimalist style, some open concept, some filled with decorations that is our individual character and personality.

Here are some of the living rooms that we really love!

Credits: Builders Plus, using LURF® Vinyl

Ensure that the layout of the room is suitable for entertainment to hosting family and friends over than just a space for two person. Allow a cosy space layout that lets you be able to interact yet maintain your own cosy allowance. A sectional or three-seater sofa is ideal for positioning groups of people so they can interact with one another, but such furniture items can be a tough fit for a small living room. If that’s the case, look towards enhancing the atmosphere with mood lighting. You’ll be surprised by how ambient lighting helps to facilitate conversation among those present.


Credits: LUOVA project services

Living areas in small apartments are usually small. The space can be enlarged by dressing the patio to make it an extension of the living room. Top it off with battery operated lights to highlight the alfresco space and create mood lighting in the evenings.


Credits: Free Space Intent, using LURF® vinyl flooring

A coffee table can be just more than a table to put your coffee and magazines. It can be dressed to add more highlights to your living room. It doesn’t have to be a clutter of items, a few key items like:

  • Faux orchid or real flowers in a bud vase
  • Box to hold remote controls

Will do the trick!

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