Balconies are fast becoming one of the area to include when we are we planning our interior renovations. But often we only focus on the interior and not the exterior. Some balconies may be really small and may face restrictions when it comes to the explosion of ideas you have in your head. But do not let the space limitations stop you from creating the customisable space for your balcony. We have four simple yet feasible ideas for you!

  1. Chill out corner

Just the two of you staying in the house? A balcony can create an alfresco chill out area for you and your significant other. A comfy lounge sofa set will be sufficient for nightly chats and cuddles. It also creates a healthy contrast from the rest of your interior and creates a specific space meant for just leisure and relaxation.

  1. Life Begins In A Garden

A balcony does not just mean decking and the usual wood material. Healthy greenery can also give it a different look. Real grass is too much work to tend for? No worries, artificial turf does the trick. Spruce up your balcony with zSNAP.TURF which is easy to maintain, top it up with some little pots of flora. With the turf, you can even do an occasional yoga session in the comfort of your small outdoor space.

  1. Outdoor Play Area

Generally with kids, the more the merrier. We meant space. Kids generally need a lot of space to fully disperse their energy. If you are worried about your kids coming into contact with the mud and dirt from the public playground, transform your balcony into a mini playground for them. Adding kid-friendly furniture and items will keep the children occupied whereas a comfy lounge chair or two will cater to any adults who may want to supervise. Even your pets can run around without the fear of losing them.

  1. Make It As Though It Is Part Of Your Interior

Not really a big fan of the sun or exposing your family to the possibility of dust and pests coming in from the balcony area. You can actually utilise it to be a part of your indoor area by adopting a uniform look for both your indoor flooring and outdoor flooring. Yes you heard us right. Using vinyl on your balcony area in fact creates an additional “indoor” area and widens the whole perspective of your living room.

Contact us to find out more on how you can fully utilise the outdoor space and making it a space on its own.

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