About Topcret’s BAXAB®

Nothing so thin is so hard. Available in a wide colour palette, without joints and with its trowel handmade finishing, BAXAB® achieves surfaces of great quality and beauty.

Unlike any other micro-covering in the market, BAXAB® high resistance allows for long-term and intensive use not only in residential but also in commercial, public areas and other places with high foot traffic. It is totally impermeable, so it can even be applied to kitchens.

Why Topcret’s BAXAB®?

Why Topcret’s BAXAB®?

A Seamless & Continuous Surface

BAXAB® is a 3mm thick, smooth cement and polymer coating with great adhesive qualities for multiple surfaces. It is ideal for quick renovation projects as it does not require removing existing surfaces, thus saving both time and money.

Scratch Resistance

With a value of >14.7 Nm, BAXAB® has the ability to absorb the impact of sharp objects resulting in the minimal loss of shape. This preserves the colour without splintering, unlike marble and tiles.

Greater Resistance to Slipping

All Topcret products are waterproof. Topcret has also developed a surface treatment called T/Grip; through the use of micro-articles, it ensures greater resistance to slipping where it is applied. It can be applied on top of any Topcret products for maximum grip, minimizing slipping and sliding to create a much safer surface.

BAXAB® Main features

  • Provides a seamless and continuous surface
  • Minimum thickness (approximately 3mm)
  • Manually applied for a unique finish (artisanal installation process)
  • Stylish & contemporary look
  • Great adhesive capacity
  • Scratch-resistant & Stain-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Commercial and Residential applications
  • Open to foot traffic 24 hours after installation


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Brand We Carry

Brand We Carry

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Acero (Steel Grey)

Microcement | Topcret BAXAB®

Perla (Pearl)

Microcement | Topcret BAXAB®

Negro Fumo (Smoky Black)

Microcement | Topcret BAXAB®

Oro (Gold)

Microcement | Topcret BAXAB®

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