New Launch: EzDeck Natural Wood Decking Tiles For D.I.Y Home Enthusiasts

To better cater to the increasing number of home owners who want a more involved role in their home renovation and/or decorating process, Floor Xpert Pte Ltd has introduced EzDeck: the new D.I.Y. solution for quality natural wood decking.

With the D.I.Y. home market continuing to grow in Singapore – as more people try their hand at creating their own homeware, tinker with tools, even build their own gardens – Floor Xpert’s EzDeck helps fill the demand gap for an attractive, quality and economical solution that anyone can use to design and build their own wood decking.

“In recent months, we’ve had an increasing number of customers enquire about D.I.Y. decking tiles,” explained Lena Lim, Sales Director of Floor Xpert. “We realised more home owners are now choosing to do things such as painting their own apartments, or even putting together some of their own furniture; they said they found it really therapeutic and fulfilling.

“Our Heveatech natural wood decking is very popular, and we have done many installation projects for home owners, many of whom then proceed to D.I.Y. their decking space – especially the HDB and private apartment owners – with green elements such as vertical gardens, or mini water fountains, etc.

“Many of them would actually like to be able to create and build their own deck, but there weren’t many options available in the market,” Lena noted.  “So Floor Xpert is now helping home owners fulfil their design dreams with EzDeck.”

Beautiful natural wood engineered for quality and durability

EzDeck uses the same quality wood as that of Floor Xpert’s popular Heveatech, which is 100% made from natural wood from the Hevea Brasiliensis (Rubber Tree).

Transformed using a revolutionary engineering and enhanced impregnation technology, Heveatech wood has superior dimensional stability with up to 50% less expansion and contraction compared to solid hardwoods. In addition, it has outstanding hardness of 816.5kg (1800 lbs) and density of 820kg/m2, making its strength similar to Bangkirai and Merbau.

With such lasting durability, EzDeck can endure tough weather conditions and intensive foot traffic without any compromise on the natural wood’s quality.

Easy installation for immediate pleasure

EzDeck can be assembled over any structurally-sound flat surface. With its strong interlocking base design, installing the wood deck tiles can be done very simply by aligning the interlocking tabs together, then pressing them down with a click to connect.

As the wood stands above the applied surface, water can easily flow underneath through the base. Cleaning and maintenance is also a breeze as the tiles can be disconnected and lifted up so the applied surface can be swept and mopped.

“With EzDeck, home owners can easily cover up flat flooring they don’t quite like and quickly upgrade the look of their space,” explained Alan Toh, Managing Director of Floor Xpert. “There is no limit to how the wood deck is assembled; for example, they can be arranged in multiple directions to create a classic or parquet-like look.

“Whichever design our home owners want for their natural wood decking, EzDeck can help them create their natural oasis in exactly the way they want very easily and quickly, economically, and beautifully.”

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