zSNAP.DECK: WOOD powered by Magnet System

Decking that is made of IPE wood. IPE is a hardwood from Brazilian rainforests that has received lots of attention in the past couple of decades. It is popular for its durability and beauty as a warm, nice hardwood. Arguably the best wood decking with two patented innovations!

z.SNAP.DECK: WOOD Unique Patented Innovations:

#1 The Patented Invisible Profile gives decking a superior visual impression by offering an almost sealed surface. This profile has been designed to prevent loss of valuable objects as well as accumulation of dirt, leaves etc. under the decking.

#2 The Advanced Mechanical Locking System is the future of decking, its patented design allows a secure, screw-free deck surface. With a simple topside installation, it offers superior grip which holds the board stronger than a screw but yet flexible for easy installation & removal.


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General Specification, ,

Classification, zSNAP.DECK: WOOD,

Size, 21 x 95mm,

Country of Origin, South America,

Warranty, 10 years Structural warranty

Technical Data, ,

Mechanical Properties, Value, Test Standard,

Tensile modulus, 2300 Mpa, ISO 527-1/-2,

Yield stress, 56 Mpa, ISO 527-1/-2,

Yield strain, 18%, ISO 527-1/-2,

Nominal strain at break, 35%, ISO 527-1/-2,

Flexural modulus, 2100 MPa, ISO178,

Flexural stress at 3.5%, 60 Mpa, ISO178,

Tensile creep modulus, , ,

1 h, 2300 MPa, ISO899-1,

1000 h, 1200 Mpa, ISO899-1,

Withstands, 40 °C to +90 °C,

Density, 1.410 – 1.420 g/cm3,

Classification for Outdoor suitability, F1,

Material meets both UV and water immersion requirements, UL 746C,

Thermal Properties, ,

Melting point, 178 °C, ISO11357-1/-3,

Temp. of deflection under load, , ,

1.8 Mpa, 78 °C, ISO75-1/-2,

Yield strain, 18%, ISO 527-1/-2,

0.45 Mpa, 146 °C, ISO75-1/-2,

Vicat 50 °C/h 50N, 140 °C, ISO306

Coef. Of linear thermal expansion, , ,

Parallel, 130 E-6/K, ISO11359-1/-2,

Normal, 120 E-6/K, ISO11359-1/-2,


Unlike other wood decking that is nail down, zSNAP.DECK: WOOD has total accessibility due to its locking system.


EASY SUBSTITUTION OF BOARDS: For replacement, if needed. 

With a commitment to preserve the environment, it is manufactured using sustainable sources such as FSC® certified wood. This allows for a longer service life and relocation possibilities.  

Extremely resistant against the action of fungus, termites and xylophagi.

zSNAP.DECK: WOOD comes with a slip resistance rating of Class 3Rd>45, which is the best class rating for outdoor flooring and humid areas)

Daily cleaning
– Swipe dust and dirt off with a broom
– After rain, wipe off the moisture, preferably by using a wiper. If you are worried about it not being clean enough, you can use light soap and water to do the washing. 

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