zSNAP.DECK:WPC powered by Magnet System

A Spanish decking solution that creates an authentic wood grain surface with the most advance patented innovations. Designed with lasting beauty, incredible durability and easy maintenance, there’s no compromising with this high-performance wood plastic composite decking. 

Powered by MAGNET SYSTEM, our mechanical locking for loose boards avoids access panels & allows accessibility at anytime anywhere with a single spatula. 

With features like 100% termite resistance, splinter-free and it does not rot, crack, fade or get mouldy, experience none of the trouble of real wood with zSNAP. DECK: WPC.

#1 The patented Invisible Profile gives decking a superior visual impression offering an almost sealed surface and seamless joints.
#2 Magnet System is designed with an aluminum support structure with improved stability and loading capacity. It also allows a secure, screw-free deck surface for easy installation and removal.
#3 The Protective Shield surface treatment completely encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection that makes the boards impervious to moisture and mould.



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General Specification, ,

Classification, zSNAP.DECK,

Size, 145mm x 22mm x 2700mm,

Total Thickness, ±1mm,

Country of Origin, China,

Warranty, 10yrs warranty against splits/ splinter/ rot/ decay/ termites attack and fungal
, Lifetime Workmanship Warranty,

Technical Data, ,

Test Condition, Temp.25 °C ± -2°C & Humi 50% ± -5%,

Density, 1.35g/cm3,

Hardness, 78,

Loading Capacity, 4500N/459KGS (with30cm span),

Impact Resistance, 22.8J/M,

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, 1.14 x 10-5m/m. °C,

Tensile Properties, 22.5Mpa,

Flexural Properties, 38.2Mpa,

Slip Resistance, α16.4° R11,

Scratch Resistance, 20N,

Water Absorption after 24 Hours in Wat, 0-0.2%,

Weathering Test after 2000 hours, △<2,

RoHS Requirement, Pass,

Formaldehyde, 0,


Aluminimum structure – Rock solid foundation with improved stability and loading capacity

Termite resistant – prevent entrance of termites

Splinter free – Barefoot friendly

No rots, cracks or splits

Mold and Mildew resistant

Environment friendly – 100% recycled


While WPC decking do not require any special maintenance treatment, they do need to be cleaned from time to time, usually with fresh water and a broom brush, or with a diluted bleach solution. Do not use oils, stains or paints.
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