Everyone loves the colour blue. And that is not surprising; each colour has its own positive characteristics, but none as many as blue. It is a colour that comes in so many different shades, combines very easily and beautifully with many other colours, and brings tranquility to the home.

Blue combines wonderfully well with wood. The combination of a light wooden floor with blue walls makes you dream of southern sands. Equally, dark wooden floors with hints of blue are the perfect start for an ethnic interior.


Scientific tests have effectively shown that blue has a positive impact on the blood pressure, breathing and heartbeat. No wonder then that blue is often considered the most fashionable colour in these stressful times. Blue is the ideal choice to bring peace to the bedroom and bathroom. A combination of blue and white is also an absolute classic, which is bound to score in every room.


You are always safe when you choose blue. Most people love the colour blue – and a relatively large percentage of people even cite blue as their favourite colour. Young or old, male or female: we all have our own favourite shade of blue. This makes it the perfect colour for some experimentation. Other colours can look very different at home than they did in the shop, but blue will seldom disappoint you.


Blue is also a perfect choice for a child’s bedroom. As a colour it is suitable throughout a (child’s) lifetime: first in combination with brighter colours and, as the children grow older, in combination with some classic white or darker shades. University studies even demonstrate that blue helps us to think more creatively and that children score better in IQ tests when these are carried out in blue surroundings!


Although most shades of blue affect our mood in a positive manner, this is not always the case for the darkest shades. Overpowering dark blue elements can give living spaces a rather oppressive feeling. Indeed, there is a reason behind the ‘blues’ relating to the colour blue … Blue is also said to dampen the appetite. So watch out when using it in the dining room.

That said, if used right, dark blue can exude a sense of refinement, wisdom and reliability – just think of the classic school uniform or men’s suit. Dark shades are indeed highly suited to an office, library, reception or waiting room environment.


Light blue accents make small rooms appear larger. They also add light to rooms without windows. If you are going for a vintage interior, consider going for grey-blue and any pastel shade.

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