The colour white is indispensable in every interior – not only does it make your interior timeless, it can be very easily combined with a wide range of interior styles. At the same time, however, white can also be very, well … white. So how can you make optimal use of this colour?

White symbolises purity, unity and minimalism. Anyone attracted to this colour should also be readily able to make compromises. Moreover, white shows that you have good intentions and aren’t seeking confrontation (think of the white flag in wartime). But be careful not to immerse yourself in white – too much of it can generate associations of coldness, insensitivity and loneliness.

White gives a “clean and pure” impression and is therefore ideal, for example, in the bathroom and kitchen. But you can also use the neutral colour without hesitation in all other rooms – just make sure you don´t use too much of it and end up giving the room a sterile feel. Work with several hues, or combine with wood or other colours.

White is the ideal basic colour and combines perfectly with all the others. When used in combination with dark colours, it can help bring more contrast into the room, and make the dark colours somewhat softer. You can also mute the impact of bright colours a little by alternating them with white. Moreover, white is ideal for brightening up a dark room, given that white walls reflect every bit of the available light.

Because it isn´t subject to trends, white fits naturally in every type of interior. If you want to introduce some variation into a white interior, opt for relief and textures to warm the colour up, or select a wooden floor. Well-chosen furniture can also immediately give an otherwise white room an entirely different look and feel.

There are many Luxurious Resilient Flooring (LURF) options you can choose from. Our LURF Balance – Canyon Oak Light with Saw Cuts is ideal for combining with a white interior: on the one hand it gives unity to your interior, while on the other you generate warmth thanks to the wood structure.

Meanwhile, combining our Laminate flooring, Impressive – Natural Varnished Oak with white creates a Scandinavian atmosphere.

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