“Do you need skirting as well?”

This is always the accompanied question that a flooring consultant will ask you when you’re choosing your ideal floors. It’s a decidedly simple question, but most of the people get terribly confused because they’re not familiar with the term at all. They usually find themselves thinking, ‘Skirting? What is skirting?’

Trust us, it can become an awkward conversational faux pas! Hence, we will talk about skirting in this post. After reading this, we hope you understand – what skirting is, why you need it, and how you can go about choosing it.


Have you ever noticed that 3”-4” tall tile that runs around the very base of your wall? That’s actually skirting. It’s also known as baseboards or skirting boards. This has been around for quite a few years in various forms. Of course, it’s serves crucial purposes, so let’s check how does a skirting serves its purpose!


Skirting for decorative purposes is only the tip of the iceberg – it has more pragmatic uses as well. But creating a visual harmony within the space is one of the foremost reasons to go for it. A skirting board can be added to a room in order to add a more holistic vibe to the overall floor aesthetic. It can definitely be selected to match your choice in of flooring. This matching synergy can make the overall ambiance look uniform.


This is one of the major reasons why you should invest in proper skirting. A skirting board can protect the base of your wall from accidental knocks, scratches and untimely wear and tear from furniture, mops and even vacuum cleaners. This protection helps elongate the renovation timeline of your space while making it more aesthetically pleasant in the process.

Keeping uneven edges out of sight

Another important reason to go for skirting is because it is quite an effective way to hide away the uneven floor or wall edges. Skirting can help keep those out of sight; therefore, the entire room including floors and walls can look completely stunning.


Previously, the traditional method to install skirting involved nailing a plank of wood to the base of the wall. Sometimes, people glue or screw it. However, this method may destroy the aesthetic and pragmatic integrity of the installation point. If, at any point, you decided to remove the skirting, or replace it, the damage would be irreversible. This means you have to spend money to fix it.

Moreover, if you are going to renovate your home with existing skirting, you will encounter two scenarios – remove it or leave it there. Take note that removing the skirting can sometimes remove a whole chunk of the wall plaster as well, which adds to the cost to mend.

Put your worries aside as now Floor Xpert provides the best and ideal solution for you! The ClipSK skirting is their newest accessories line, and it is definitely going to help you to figure out all those skirting related woes!

ClipSK is a collection that consists of a variety of colour options in order to meet all your interior skirting needs! Thus, you can absolutely match it with the colour of your floors accordingly. The reason why you should choose ClipSK skirting is very simple. It is a skirting system that is installed with a clipping system, which is why you can say Bye-Bye Ugly Nail Holes!

Another benefit is that it’s easy to install, remove and replace. Now you can keep your walls looking absolutely pleasant and attractive! Not to mention, ClipSK is truly 100% waterproof so you wouldn’t have to worry about scrapes from mopping anymore. And do you know about the best part? It’s also termite resistant! What more could you ask for?

Searching for a solution to say bye-bye to ugly nail holes? You are lucky to read this post! Come and visit Floor Xpert to find out more about it today!

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