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Microcement | Topcret BAXAB®

  • The Toughest Continuous Floor
    BAXAB® is a 3mm thick, smooth cement and polymer coating that is 3 times stronger than conventional microcement. Plus, it resists stains, scratches, and burns like no other micro-coating.

  • Stylish & Contemporary Look
    Available in a wide colour palette, without joints and with its trowel handmade finishing, BAXAB® achieves surfaces of great quality and beauty.

  • Greater Resistance to Slipping
    All Topcret products are waterproof. Topcret has also developed a surface treatment called T/Grip; through the use of micro-articles, it ensures greater resistance to slipping where it is applied. It can be applied on top of any Topcret products for maximum grip, minimizing slipping and sliding to create a much safer surface.

  • Zero cost warranty: 3 years warranty (Residential)
  • Resistance to adherence, UNE-EN 13892-8:2003>3,3N/mm2
  • Surface Hardness, UNE-EN 13892-6:2003120N/mm2
  • Transmission index of liquid water (permeability), UNE-EN 1062-3:20080,01kg/m2hO·
  • Impact resistance, UNE-EN ISO 6272:2012>14,7 Nm
  • Drop height where the first fissures are observedA 1500 mm
  • Diameter produced at this height:>3,3N/mm2
  • Resistance to BCA wear, UNE-EN 13892-2: 200330 μm
  • Determination of chemical resistance, UNE-EN 13529:2003
  • No defects up to: 7 days for chlorine; 1 day for bleach, olive oil, alcohol, viakal and vinegar; 6 hours for lemon juice.
  • Micro-bubbles
    While very rare, these tiny little bubbles might be caused by ambient moisture and can appear in certain areas on the floor. It is not directly related to Topcret’s materials but if spotted during installation it can be corrected.
  • Sheen
    Due to the wax content in BAXAB®, there is always a certain level of sheen in our finishes.
  • Marks & Spots
    They might appear here and there during the installation. Do not worry, they are part of the product’s pigmentation. They are natural and cannot be avoided.
  • Country of origin: Spain

The toughest continuous floor

Manually applied for a unique trowel finish

Minimal thickness of 3mm

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