• 100% Sustainable Bamboo
    Our bamboo is a sustainable, rapidly growing option for decking. Through our processing, bamboo deck boards attain the highest achievable density for a natural wood. It's 100% natural, just as nature intended.

  • Invisible Profile
    The patented Invisible Profile visually hides the locking system and support structure while allowing water and air to pass. This profile has also been designed to prevent loss of valuable objects as well as accumulation of dirt, leaves, etc under the decking.

  • Magnet System
    Our mechanical locking allows a secure, screw-free deck surface and full accessibility at any time with a single spatula. Our system also comes with an enhanced aluminium support structure that improves stability and loading capacity.

  • Board warranty: 2 years board warranty (up to 10 years with our maintenance)
  • Structural warranty: 10 years warranty (Residential)
  • Loading capacity: 4000 kg/m2


  • Moisture Content: 6%


  • Expansion Rate/Water Absorption: 0.2%


  • UV-Proof: Grey Scale 3-4


  • Bending Strength: 79.2 MPa
  • Yield stress: 56 Mpa


  • Flexural modulus: 2100 MPa


  • Classification for outdoor suitability: F1
  • Length: 1855 mm


  • Width: 139 mm
  • Hardness: 70.4Gpa


  • Grain: Interweaved


  • Density: 1200 kg/m3


  • Colour: Carbonized brown


  • Origin of bamboo: China


  • Origin of decking system: Spain

100% Sustainable Bamboo

Invisible Profile

Magnet System

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