The next to getting a new place is renovation, which is also the most complicated affair ever. Renovation requires time, creativity, money and also hiccups. While one may have the most extravagant idea set in their head for their dream home, one needs to also consider the practicability of the dream design. Here are some very straight forward reno tips we will advise.

Light and Simple

Image credits: Floor Xpert

If your idea of a home is somewhere you can feel comfortable and relax in, the last you want is to do a heavy renovation. Working on the space of your floor area, keep it simple and less cluttered. Strong colours tend to weigh more heavily on the overall look to the room atmosphere. If you like to feel light hearted, go for light décor, less heavy duty renovation. Minimalist works well with white walls, woody tones and subtle furnishing.

Consider built-in storage to save space

Image Credits: Floor Xpert

For a small area, the last you want to do is clutter it. Built-in storage offers a much better solution than free standing wardrobes or shelves, as behind a blank wall there is so much more you can store. Like for the kitchen, built-in storage helps to hide away the appliances that you may use only once a week or even a month.

Sometimes less is more

Image credits: Floor Xpert

As in many cases, quality over quantity. Less is more is adopted by many new home owners. Keeping it simple and clean allows more room for gradual add-on. Choosing the right furniture may get you more than just 1 overall effect in your home. Less clutter, easier cleaning for sure.

Illusion of space with mirrors

Interior design credit: Rimus Idea

Creating the illusion of space with mirror, the bigger the more space it creates. Think carefully about the area in the house that you will like to put the mirror. Like for example –  placing a mirror on that empty wall in the hallway lets you check out your outfit for the last time before stepping out of the house, so convenient.

Divide spaces with low walls

Interior Design credits: Kuro+

Having low walls acting as dividers between different rooms can make the area look more spacious and wider. Some may opt to have glass windows dividing the rooms to create a room in room concept. If possible, add some soft furnishing. They not only enhances the quality of your rooms and furniture but it also adds value to them and make your living an experience that you will love to have with you.

Costly Hacking

Image credits: Shu Wen

Hacking is quite expensive, especially so for wet areas like the bathroom where waterproofing works are needed. If your current bathroom walls and floors condition are good, save on the redoing. But do take note of the levelling of the current flooring, as usually overlaying works better on levelled surface.

Want to read more on these tips. Look out for part 2 next week!

Disclaimer: All information are just for sharing. Preference is still based on individual requirements. Some actual information may differ so it’s best to seek professional advice.


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