Continuing from our article last week, renovating honestly can be quite a time consuming and costly process. Don’t let that hold you back. Spend within your means and you can still create beautiful spaces. Here’s more reno tips to share.

Renovate Progressively

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If cost is your main concern, why not break out your renovation into different areas. Prioritise the necessary areas first, example: wiring, carpentry, painting and electrical works. Do the basic, while saving up for a more extensive one. Example, do the master bedroom wardrobe first, the guest room can wait. In fact, some items off the shelf is cheaper than custom made ones.

All or None

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If your interior design includes hacking down of walls, please don’t assume hacking part of the wall will cost you just part of the price. The labour cost and material are already allocated regardless of half, three quarter or full. Even if you only need half the wall, they will usually hack everything and build it up to the length you require. In fact, hacking is quite a substantial figure, especially if you have a few to hack.

Vinyl Flooring For Sure

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Another bulk of your renovation cost goes to flooring. Flooring is also important to achieve the overall look that you want. There is quite a variety of flooring options in the market today – homogenous tiles, marble, cement screed and parquet. But you won’t want to spend a bomb on flooring that is hard to maintain, non-scratch resistant and easily stain. We got the solution for you – Vinyl Flooring. If you choose from premium range, you get textured surface to achieve the woody feel or a smooth surface that is so comfortable to walk on. With the technologies today, like our LURF Vinyl, vinyl flooring can be stain resistant and waterproof. Some even use it for the kitchen area. Spend a little for comfort that goes a long way.

Feature Wall

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A feature wall is a really good way to inject your home with an extra unique look. They are great for small spaces, creating a spacious effect in a simple way. There are ways to create feature walls but if you are on a budget, painting it will be a great idea. It is fuss free, easy to clean and also cheaper than the 3D brick ones.

Just Enough Lighting will do

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It’s definitely good to get ample lighting in the house, but you also don’t want a big hole in your pocket for the monthly electricity bills. Get lighting points only if you need it, don’t create multiple points that will be redundant or worse, electricity consuming.

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Disclaimer: All information are just for sharing. Preference is still based on individual requirements. Some actual information may differ so it’s best to seek professional advice.

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