With climate change and increasing utility bills, we should really give it a thought on how much water we can try saving every day. With our decking recently being certified Green Label, meaning its environmentally friendly, we are constantly keeping a lookout in a bid to look after our environment.

Here are some tips on how you can save water bit by bit from home.

Don’t run the tap when you are brushing your teeth

Honestly, we are all guilty of this at any point in our life, especially when we are kids. Kids just get the thrill out of running water, the bigger the better. But we need to set an example for them not to do so. Have a cup ready for your family to fill it up with water to use when they are brushing their teeth, like how hotels always provide in the bathroom. Twice a day you exercise this saves quite a bit in the long run.

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You can use the water again

Many times after we drain water from washing vegetables or boiling eggs, we will discard the water. Don’t do that! In fact it can be recycled for other use. You can use the water to water your plants or wash the toilet bowls. For the water that you use to drain your pasta, you can actually cook soup because technically it is considered boiled water that is safe for consumption.

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Go full load when doing your laundry

It’s easy to shove a few pieces into the washing machine on a fast wash, but that is a huge waste of electricity and water and eventually will show up on your bills. Make sure you always load a full drum of clothes before you put the machine on, and where possible, use an eco-cycle or light wash. Similarly, if you’re getting a new machine, get one that has a four-tick rating (which uses six litres or less of water per kg load) and is front loading — it’s considered more water and energy efficient.

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Plant person? Get a watering can.

Rather than hook up your hose and sprinklers to the main pipeline to water your garden, get yourself a watering can, and use recycled water to irrigate your plants. You get to save on water expenditure as you simply re-use what Mother Nature has given you. If your water expenditure is already sky high but you are still keen in greenery? Install artificial turf! Our zSNAP.TURF is quality artificial turf which is made into synthetic fibers to look like natural grass. No watering needed and you have you have yourself a lush and green turf regardless of the weather.


Product: zSNAP.TURF

Last but not least, take shorter showers.

We understand Singapore’s weather can get really unbearable most of the times, with us perspiring and sweating every minute of the day. Long and cool showers are honestly the best remedy, but it’s not that best when your water bill comes at the end of the month. If you can cut from your 30mins shower to even just 25mins, you will be surprised in the long run how much money you can save!

Happy Conserving water!

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