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Mar 25, 2022

By: Floor Xpert


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Are you seeking a flooring contractor in Singapore to restore an existing floor in disrepair or fit a new laminate flooring in your home? Regardless of your need, you will require an experienced set of hands to carry out the work. Remember, your decision could make or break the overall design of your home.

However, how do you even begin looking, given the plethora of flooring services available on the market? Well, fret not because we are here to help simplify your search process. With our tips in mind, you are bound to identify the right flooring contractor that meets all your requirements.

Tip #1: Enquire about the contractor’s experience

contractor installing the flooring-Flooring contractor Singapore

Floor installations require precision to achieve the best results. And only an experienced flooring contractor will understand and be aware of the common challenges that could crop out during the installation work. When an issue arises, they will be in the best position to address your flooring concerns, ensuring the work produced is impeccable and on schedule.

An experienced contractor will have worked on multiple projects and have a portfolio showcasing their work. This portfolio can provide references for their work, allowing you to get a glimpse of their craftsmanship and ensuring the scope of their work meets your requirements and expectations.

Tip #2: Inspect the contractor’s accreditations

Just as you would hire an accredited plumber to service the pipes or a certified electrician to maintain an electrical circuit, you would want a licensed flooring contractor to install your flooring. The accreditations certify that the contractor meets specific standards and is recognised for their quality of work. They can also be held accountable if anything goes wrong during the installation process.

Tip #3: Read online reviews and ask for referrals

Read online reviews and ask for referrals-Flooring contractor Singapore

How does one purchase the correct product or hire the right service provider? With the advent of the internet, all the information you need is one click away. Perusing online reviews and ratings of your shortlisted flooring contractors can give you an idea of what others think about their services and whether they are satisfied with the work provided.

Additionally, you may consider asking for referrals from friends or family who recently had their home flooring done. Referrals are another excellent way to get an honest opinion about the contractor’s craftsmanship and customer service. You can also ask relevant follow-up questions if necessary, which is impossible with online reviews.

Tip #4: Check the contractor’s flooring options

You would probably have an ideal flooring option in mind for your dream home. Therefore, it makes sense to work with a flooring contractor who can provide a comprehensive range of flooring options that meet your needs and preferences. Even if you do not have an idea in mind, a reliable and experienced contractor will possess the expertise and knowledge to provide valuable insight and recommend the best flooring options that match your overall home design.

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Tip #5: Enquire about the after-sale services the contractor provides

Enquire about the after-sale services the contractor provides-Flooring contractor Singapore

Even the most durable floors experience wear and tear after frequent usage and a period of time. As such, you will want a reliable flooring contractor who offers extensive after-sale maintenance and repair services to get the best value for your money and ensure your floors are well-maintained after installation. So check with your contractor what after-sale services they provide and whether they offer warranties for their work.

Searching for a suitable flooring contractor in Singapore need not be a herculean task when you keep our helpful tips in mind. In fact, your ideal contractor may already be close at hand! At Floor Xpert, we provide a wide selection of flooring options and are proficient in vinyl, laminate flooring repair, wood flooring, microcement, and engineered stone flooring, among others.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to request a quotation.

Having a dedicated room to exercise at home was already becoming popular, and the pandemic has turned it into a firm trend. With the unexpected timely closure of gyms and yoga studios, people are looking for an alternative in their own homes.

With their basic equipment, make-shift pain caves are being swapped for well-equipped rooms that are more than just a place to work up a sweat. Lounge chairs, atmospheric lighting and plants are popping up alongside smart fitness machines and yoga mats. It goes without saying that a multifunctional sports room can’t make-do with just any kind of floor. It needs a soft floor that can also take knocks, like LURF® Alpha from Quick-Step.

Between pushing yourself to the limit and cosiness

Home gyms are often multifunctional rooms, not solely for vigorous swift sessions or zen moments, but also providing space to relax and unwind. Thus the design of the room is just as important as pushing yourself to the limit. Think about using tactile, natural materials and soft shades of colour to radiate calm and harmony. The presence of plants also has a positive effect, bringing home the healing power of nature.

Soft and yet firm flooring

With no doubts, a multifunctional sports room will require a soft floor that can also withstand knocks and rumbles. LURF® Alpha comes with a protective top layer and strong core, protecting the floor against scratches and the impact of heavy objects such as weights. The surface feels warm and soft and is perfect for exercising upon, while the sound-absorbing qualities of vinyl promote a sense of calmness. Finally, the durability of LURF® Alpha goes hand-in-hand with the natural look and feel of wood or concrete, tying in perfectly with the new wellness design philosophy.

With the development of LURF® Alpha Vinyl, an ultra-strong floor with a soft touch and a natural look, the private gym is within everyone’s reach.

Composition: HDF vs engineered wood. Both laminate and wood

Looking pretty in pink with Signature ‘Painted Oak Rose’
Not even that long ago, pink was considered a decidedly feminine color. Today, it’s everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why. Pink can be soft and calm, but also tough and stylish. It stands for a complete set of androgynous hues – peach, salmon, blush etc. – that defines a generation. It speaks to our comfort with gender fluidity, but also provides an ideal counterweight to our increasingly busy schedules.

Pink conquers home interiors
This calming effect makes it an ideal color for home interiors. In our effort to create places of peace and harmony, we’ve been reaching for tactile and natural materials, like velour and wood, for a while now. Pink further adds to this softness and tranquility and evokes feelings of vulnerability.

Bringing pink into your home interior can be done in several ways: through decorative elements like pillows and plaids and subtle and not-so-subtle pink touches in furniture and wall paint. For those who are willing to take the next step, there’s also the possibility of installing a pink floor, such as the ‘Painted oak rose’.

Tips for adding a touch of pink to your home
Apart from these calming properties, pink also helps other colors to pop out more. Because every combination creates a completely different effect, it’s a great color to experiment with. For example:

Grey, white, black and other pink hues: Combining pink with other neutrals will give your interior a minimalistic yet fresh, sincere and nostalgic feel.
Deep pink with terracotta, rust and ochre hues: Bring additional warmth into your interior and go on a mental vacation with these African and South American-inspired combinations.
Black and grey: Make the pink hues in your interior stand out by combining them with deep and dark colours. Wood, black and grey are perfect to create stunning contrasts and can offset the softness of pink, for a slightly more robust feel.
Copper: Pink also goes surprisingly well with copper, another interior trend growing in popularity. By combining them, you bring out the best of both for a warm and serene interior

‘Painted oak rose’: high performing in pink
Painted oak rose is part of our Signature collection. This collection is the result of 30 years of innovation, creativity and technological mastery. The new and refined designs boast unbelievable authenticity, an unprecedented attention to detail, and excellent performance. The new range delivers lifelike design, detailed structures and unparalleled performance never seen before in hybrid wood flooring.

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